Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Let’s be honest: in a lot of ways, kids get to have all the fun. Their lives are filled with pizza parties, trick or treating, recess… But just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some of the joys of childhood, one of them being a good ol’ birthday party.  And, no, we’re not talking about meeting a couple of friends at a bar for happy hour. We mean a full-on, grown-up birthday party. Because you deserve to celebrate your 35th birthday with as much fun and hijinks as you did your 10th. Here are some ideas for birthday party activities you can do to have the time of your life. Have a Pool Party If you’re...

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A Guide to Hosting a Fun and Unique Bar Mitzvah Party

For Jewish kids, a bar or bat mitzvah is one of the most exciting things that happen in your childhood. You get a big party, a lot of gifts, and suddenly you’re considered an adult in the eyes of your religion. It’s the biggest deal of your 12 or 13 years of life. That means that the adults planning the event have to put a decent amount of thought into bar mitzvah party ideas. After all, this is basically the child equivalent of a wedding. If you’re looking for some exciting, unique, nontraditional bar mitzvah party ideas, read on. Do Karaoke There are a lot of different options for bar mitzvah entertainment, yet most people hire a DJ and have...

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5 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

While some might find planning a wedding stressful, the process can actually be a lot of fun if you open up and have a good time with it. The most exciting part is choosing unique, interesting elements like food, decorations, and entertainment, to include at your reception that will make the night a blast for both you and your guests. Check out these fun wedding ideas for ways you can make your wedding night lively and special. Play Your Favorite Game Any good party has games, right? Whether you’re into drinking games like beer pong, board games like Cards Against Humanity and Scattergories, or video games, you can totally include your favorite game as part of your wedding reception. Just...

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6 Unique Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

A sweet 16 birthday party is special for every kid.  It’s the age when you’re not exactly a kid anymore, and are slowly gearing up to enter adulthood, which is what makes it even more important to have a grand celebration. Whether you have it at home or somewhere outside, plan it yourself or get some help from your friends and family. Here are some fun and unique ideas that will make your 16th birthday party extra special: A Pool Party/Party by the Beach If you have a pool, then a pool party is a great way to kick off your 16th year. Mix it with a poolside barbecue and enjoy the day with your friends by playing pool games...

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