A Guide to Hosting a Fun and Unique Bar Mitzvah Party

For Jewish kids, a bar or bat mitzvah is one of the most exciting things that happen in your childhood. You get a big party, a lot of gifts, and suddenly you’re considered an adult in the eyes of your religion. It’s the biggest deal of your 12 or 13 years of life.

That means that the adults planning the event have to put a decent amount of thought into bar mitzvah party ideas. After all, this is basically the child equivalent of a wedding. If you’re looking for some exciting, unique, nontraditional bar mitzvah party ideas, read on.

Do Karaoke

There are a lot of different options for bar mitzvah entertainment, yet most people hire a DJ and have a dance floor and that’s it. But that option is played out. So what can you do instead? (Or in addition?). How about doing some karaoke, for one? This is a super fun option because it’s inclusive of all of the guests, no matter their age. Grandma can enjoy singing her heart out just as much as the bat mitzvah girl’s school friends. 

Get a Stand-Up Comedian

Another unique option for bar mitzvah party entertainment is to hire a comedian to do a stand-up set for 20 minutes or so. This is great because there is no better way to break the ice and get a party going than to get everybody laughing. You can do a bit of research to find somebody local to hire at an affordable price or go all out and hire your child’s favorite comedian to really impress his or her pals. Of course, choosing somebody family-friendly is recommended.

Rent a Photo Booth

One last entertainment option well worth considering is renting a photo booth. Not only are photo booths fun, but they’re really, really fun. This is especially worthwhile if you have a hard time convincing your sullen pre-teen to smile for a photo with their family members. As soon as you have a photo booth option, suddenly posing for pictures becomes tempting, especially if you include silly props like hats and superhero masks and stick-on mustaches. Check out photo booth rental packages here

Have a Chocolate Fountain

For how fancy they are and how much joy they bring (especially to kids), chocolate fountains are surprisingly affordable. They end up being the water cooler of the bar mitzvah, bringing people together for conversation and laughs. Plus they have the added benefit of being absolutely delicious, which never hurts.

Photoshop the Bar Mitzvah Boy Into Movie Posters

A lot of teens choose a Hollywood theme for their party, using bar mitzvah decorations like a red carpet and glitter stars and, of course, the iconic “Hollywood” sign. But one decorative idea that blows these options out of the water is photoshopping the birthday boy or girl into all of their favorite movie posters, printing them out full-sized, and hanging them up around the party venue. It’s funny, a conversation-starter, and ends up being a keepsake that your kid will keep around for the rest of their lives and laugh (or cringe) at when they get older.

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