5 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

While some might find planning a wedding stressful, the process can actually be a lot of fun if you open up and have a good time with it. The most exciting part is choosing unique, interesting elements like food, decorations, and entertainment, to include at your reception that will make the night a blast for both you and your guests. Check out these fun wedding ideas for ways you can make your wedding night lively and special.

Play Your Favorite Game

Any good party has games, right? Whether you’re into drinking games like beer pong, board games like Cards Against Humanity and Scattergories, or video games, you can totally include your favorite game as part of your wedding reception. Just imagine how cool it would be to play Dance Dance Revolution or Heads Up with all of your favorite people as part of your wedding celebration? 

Serve a Late Night Snack

A lot of thought is usually put into the wedding reception hors d’oeuvres and meals, and it often skews in the fancier direction with options like seafood and steak and nice salads. But if you’re planning to party well into the night, your guests might get hungry later on, especially after burning it up on the dance floor. A super unique and fun wedding reception idea is to serve a midnight snack to your guests. Something casual like tater tots, doughnuts, popsicles, or milk and cookies is perfect. 

Project Home Movies

For unique, interactive, and sentimental wedding reception decorations, consider using a projector to cover your venue’s walls in home movies from you and your spouse’s life both apart and together. There’s nothing cuter than seeing footage of silly kids growing up and falling in love. It’s a special decorative choice that engages your guests and lets you show off the history of your relationship. 

Rent a Photo Booth

If you ever thought, “I wish I could have something at my wedding that is both an activity and a memento,” a photo booth is just the thing for you. It’s a fun form of entertainment for you and your guests, giving you something enjoyable to do in any combination of duos, trios, and groups. You can play around with silly props and backdrops, which is super engaging. Plus, it ends up helping your guests remember what a great time they had when they get to bring home a photo or two of them cheesing it up for the camera. Check out rental packages here

Table Trivia

How well do your guests really know you? Test them on their couple knowledge with trivia cards at each table. You can ask questions about how you and your spouse met, how many kids you want to have, where you got engaged, and so on. Include the answers on the back so guests can check their own work. It’s a great conversation starter, super engaging, and fun for everybody attending your wedding. 

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