Need a Photo Booth Rental in Los Angeles? Check Out Snap Moments

Nowadays, people want keepsakes from special occasions that they can share online.

It’s one thing to pull out your phone and constantly be snapping photos, but then you miss out on what’s actually taking place. Enjoying an event or party is all about being present and in the moment, so if you need a classic photo booth rental in Los Angeles, check out Snap Moments!

Here’s what you need to know: 

An Affordable Photo Booth Rental in Los Angeles

So you’ve seen photo booths at major events and gatherings, right? Well, Snap Moments provides a traveling photo booth in Los Angeles that’s affordable and easy to use. 

For instance, for just $395, you can head over to Snap Moments, choose the level of photo booth you want, select your event type, event dates, include any add-ons like a backdrop or booth attendant, and then click “Rent.” It’s that simple!

Snap Moments even offers flexible payment plans with interest-free payments of $98.74 over a 4 month period. Overall, photo booth rentals in Los Angeles can be super expensive, but now consumers can have access to a classic photo booth with tons of extra features to make events unforgettable. 

A Traveling Photo Booth with Tons to Offer

Even if you’re hosting events all the time or just need an affordable photo booth rental in Los Angeles for a single night, Snap Moments’ traveling photo booth has tons to offer. 

You and your guests can enjoy a variety of packages that include…

  • The ability to take unlimited photos
  • A complete online gallery to browse and save pictures from
  • Customized frames to make any photo memorable
  • Email and SMS messaging to easily share links and photos with others
  • Social sharing to instantly upload photos to Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Digital props to transform photos with fun and style

Each one of these packages has something unique to offer, but more importantly, you can rest assured that you have a reliable strategy in place to keep people engaged and in the moment. 

Trust Snap Moments for Your Next Event

FInding a photo booth rental in Los Angeles that’s both affordable and classic is certainly a challenge, but Snap Moments offers an experience that’s one-of-a-kind and easy to use. 

Not to mention, you have a traveling photo booth in Los Angeles that goes wherever you go. It doesn’t matter if it’s a party in your backyard or a wedding reception at a hotel; it goes wherever you go, which means the part can happen anywhere!

Plan your next event with Snap Moments and start making memories with ease.

Click here to rent a photo booth now. 

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