For a Photo Booth Rental in San Francisco, Choose Snap Moments!

With summer on its way, people are itching to get together and enjoy some much-needed fun. 

And with the fun comes a need to savor the memories, right? This is where Snap Moments, an open-air photo booth for SF, comes to save the day. For any photo booth rentals in the SF bay area, Snap Moments provides a sleek, fast solution that’s easy to use. 

To give you an idea of how the photo booth works, here are some things to consider: 

Photo Booth Rentals in San Francisco are Expensive, but Snap Moments Makes it Affordable

On average, a bulky, traditional photo booth can cost anywhere from $700 to $1200 per event. And with average hourly rates floating between $200 and $300, the price can really add up if you want to have a photo booth rental in the SF bay area. 

After all, a photo booth is supposed to be something fun and memorable, not completely out of your budget. So that’s why—with Snap Moments—you can rent an open-air photo booth in SF that doesn’t break your bank and still adds an exciting element to your events. 

Starting at just $395 for the entire day, you can select the style of photo booth you want, your event type, and then include any add-ons you want, such as print outs of your photos, a booth attendant to help you work the station, a backdrop to spice things up, or if you need an extra day, you can tack that on, too!

Even better, Snap Moments allows for flexible payment options that are interest-free, so you can have more time to spend on the success of your event, rather than worrying about paying one lump sum upfront. 

Snap Moments Offers a Variety of Media for Guests to Enjoy 

Unlike traditional photo booths that only offer a one-dimensional photo, Snap Moments offers you a variety of media files for all your guests to enjoy. 

For example, you can think of Snap Moments as a GIF photo booth rental in San Francisco, as opposed to just a typical photo booth. Snap Moments offers simple selfie shots, short video captures, GIF recordings, and all of those things can be sent directly to a user’s phone so they can share the media files to anyone they want online!

To top it all off, Snap Moments also serves as a database for all of your guests that you can gain access to for future use. Whenever a guest takes a photo with the photo booth, they’re prompted to enter their phone number and email address—think of it like a virtual address book that you can tap into to plan your next event!

Whether you need a GIF photo booth rental in San Francisco or something simple and affordable to ensure that guests have a good time, Snap Moments is a perfect choice. 

Click here to learn more and rent yours today! 

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