A Party Photo Booth for NYC: Introducing Snap Moments

Having a keepsake from parties that people can easily share online is important. 

Relying on your smartphone to engage with others around you only leads to everyone glued to their devices when enjoying an event or party is meant to happen in real-time. This is where a photo booth rental in New York City can make a huge difference.   

Snap Moments is among the premier photo booth companies in NYC—here’s why you need one at your next event: 

An Affordable Photo Booth Rental in New York City

Unlike a bulky photo booth rental that takes up enormous amounts of space, Snap Moments offers a compact party photo booth in NYC that’s both affordable and simple to use. 

For example, at only $395, you can check out Snap Moments’ website, select the type of photo booth package you’re looking for, choose your event type, input the dates you need it for, select various add-ons such as a backdrop or booth attendant, and then hit “Rent.” It’s that easy!

And if you don’t want to pay upfront for the photo booth rental, Snap Moments allows for flexible payment plans with interest-free for a period o 4 months—you pay $98.74 for each installment. Typically, a photo booth rental in New York City can get pricey, but with Snap Moments, customers gain access to a stunning photo booth with bonuses that help make any event one to remember. 

Not Just Your Average Photo Booth

Every photo booth company in NYC offers the same boring photo booth that does one thing—take photos. But with Snap Moments, you have tons of tools and modes to choose from that ensure your guests have a great time.

Below are the different packages that you can choose from, as well as different software tools that make sharing photos after an event a piece of cake: 

You and your guests can enjoy a variety of packages that include…

  • Take unlimited photos without fear of running out of storage
  • Have access to a complete online gallery to browse and save pictures 
  • Use customized frames to make any photo memorable and playful
  • Use email and SMS messaging to easily share links and photos with others
  • Use social sharing to instantly upload photos to Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Play with digital props to transform photos with fun and style

All of these packages together create an unforgettable experience for your guests. However, the most important takeaway is that you can rely on a foolproof strategy to help keep people engaged at all times. 

Need a Photo Booth Rental in New York City? Trust Snap Moments

FInding a photo booth rental in New York City at an affordable price is a real challenge, but Snap Moments offers a one-of-a-kind experience that your friends and family will love. 

Not many photo booth companies in NYC have the expertise and benefits that Snap Moments offers. Plus, it doesn’t matter if your party is on a rooftop bar, a tiny NYC flat, or at a huge event space—Snap Moments goes wherever you go, which means you can take the party anywhere!

Host your next event with Snap Moments and start making memories that last. 

Click here to rent a photo booth now. 

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