4 Reasons to Rent a Photo Booth in Orange County

Whether you’re putting together an engagement party, an anniversary celebration, a bat mitzvah, a wedding reception, a graduation event, or a birthday party for your dog, there’s one key element you have to include at your next big event: a photo booth. This article explains why you should rent OC event photo booths.

They Work for Any Event

Regardless of what your event is, which milestone you’re celebrating, how many guests you have, how close the guests are to one another, how old the guests are, and if you have both kids and older adults coming or a more homogenous group, a photo booth will work for your event. They’re universally loveable. Whether we’re talking about singles, couples, or groups, close friends or perfect strangers, preteens or retirees, everybody has fun posing for photos in a photo booth. The best part is that you can customize the booth with props, backgrounds, and different photo printout designs, making the photo booth fit your event perfectly, no matter what it is.

They’re Affordable

Although it may seem like it would be expensive to rent a photo booth for an event, it’s actually surprisingly affordable. That’s especially the case if you consider how much it would cost to hire a professional photographer and then pay to have the photos printed out through some outside service. On the other hand, a photo booth rental Orange County CA includes the booth, the props, the set-up, and the photos, for the whole length of your party, all at a very reasonable rate that can easily fit into your budget.

They Offer Instant Gratification

Another major advantage of renting a photo booth is that they offer an instant hit of happiness to your guests. Instead of having to wait to see the professional photographer photos days, weeks, or months after the event, long after they’ve forgotten that the party even happened, guests get to view their pictures immediately. Beyond that, they get the extra special touch of having an actual, physical photo memento that they can frame or stick to their fridge or pin up in their offices. In this day and age, when nearly none of our photos ever make it out of our phones, it’s especially rare and delightful. 

They’re Better Than Your Phone

If you don’t end up springing for a professional photographer for your party, chances are, your guests are all going to be taking pictures on their phones. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, the photo quality of a phone picture is never going to live up to that of a photo booth snap. Plus, you always have to deal with somebody being left out of the group photo in order to take the picture, or the perils of self-timer, or the less-than-flattering angles of a selfie. Photo booths are a much better option, being way more likely to create a result that everybody appreciates and actually wants to put in their photo albums. 

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